The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Rebar Bending Machine

rebar bending machine from Shuanglong Machinery

You’ve noticed that new rebar bending machines in the market are pretty expensive. Well, why not, right? They are essential to construction companies and, thus, the high price of new ones.

However, a cost-effective option will be to buy a used rebar bending machine. But there’s a need to take that step with preeminent caution to avoid waste of capital.

In this guide, we explained all that will help you buy a used rebar bending machine confidently. Everything from the machine’s state to price, we’ve got you covered.

Read through to discover how to make an intelligent decision on purchasing used rebar bending machines.

Factors to consider when buying a used rebar bending machine

You want to step into the rebar bending machine market, and you have the intention of going for a used one. Take note of the factors below to guide you to a satisfactory purchase.

The condition of the machine

This is one of the most critical factors to note. A poor used rebar bending machine can eventually cost you more than a new one through overly recurring repairs and maintenance needs.

They can even pose a serious threat to the safety of workers.

The age of the machine

It is essential to know the machine’s age because an older machine is prone to wear and tear more than a newer one. Plus, it can be less effective.

However, an old machine does not necessarily mean it is reliable or more efficient than a newer one. An old rebar bending machine that has been adequately maintained over the years will work better than a new unmaintained one.

Keep general operation and working conditions in mind when checking for old and new machines.

The brand and model of the machine

Do clinical research to find reputable brands in the rebar bending machine market.

Some brands have tags as the most reputable, while others may have a reputation for making substandard machines. Purchasing from a good brand will determine the machine’s longevity and durability.

Also, check the availability of services and spare parts for your desired model. Subsequent problems to the machine should be a work-over with spare parts and services accessible.

The reputation of the seller

Checking the reputation of the seller is essential. A reputable seller will save you the stress of a bad transaction, low professionalism, non-transparency, no return policy, and being duped.

To evaluate a seller, you can check for previous reviews, website ratings, and testimonies from buyers of the same merchant.

The price of the machine

A less-costly used rebar bending machine might be more tempting than a more expensive one. But the whole purpose of buying a used one is to get good value for less money.

A cheap, used rebar bending machine might indicate a lower quality or a machine with a higher need for maintenance.

It is vital to balance the cost with the quality of the machine to avoid investing too much and getting little returns or failing to get the desired output.

How to Find

How to find a used rebar bending machine

Searching online classifieds and marketplaces

This is one of the easiest ways of finding a used rebar bending machine because they are scattered online. These platforms provide extensive options that include filters to help find the specific machine, price, location, condition, etc.

When deciding on your online vendor, inquire about the machine’s performance, history, and maintenance.

Contacting construction equipment dealers and suppliers

A great used rebar bending machine can be obtained from construction equipment dealers and suppliers. All you need to do is to browse the internet for them.

You can also find out from colleagues and friends if a seller is reputable and their experience transacting with them.

Attending auctions and equipment sales events

At an auction event, a comprehensive combination of machines is presented from various sellers with contrasting prices, giving you a wide range to pick from.

Another advantage of auction events is that you see the machine upfront and inspect it thoroughly to determine if you will proceed with the bidding.

You can find auction events online, in local newspapers, and inquiring from local auction houses or machine dealers about upcoming ones.

Inspecting and Testing

Inspecting and testing a used rebar bending machine

Checking the physical condition of the machine

Firstly, you must check for signs of wear or rust on the machines and any other visual damage.

For a better inspection, you can request a professional to conduct the testing for you.

Testing the machine’s performance and accuracy

A machine might look good without wear and tear but still lacks accuracy and performance.

Don’t be carried away with the cleanliness of the machine’s exterior; make sure to check if it can handle your specific task. And if so, how accurately does it perform?

Request to test whatever way you feel will clear any doubts you have and to be confident in the purchase.

Inspecting the machine’s motor, hydraulic system, and electrical components

Essential features like the machine’s motor, hydraulic system, bending heads and rollers, and electric system are like the powerhouse of the device and must be sound.

As stated above, a good-looking machine might have a red flag on these essential features. Make sure to do a detailed analysis of them or, better still, operate the machine to test them.

Examining the machine’s maintenance history and service records

A well-maintained machine, appropriately serviced through the years, will do well in determining if the machine will last long or be durable.

A well-maintained machine will not pose so many maintenance problems when you use it, unlike an unmaintained one.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintenance and upkeep of a used rebar bending machine

Regular cleaning and lubrication

Regular cleaning works for every machine. Avoid unwanted problems coming up by cleaning all the dust and remnants of materials worked upon.

Make sure to lubricate the working parts for a seamless operation continually.

Periodic inspections and repairs

Even when machines do not show signs of breakdown or problems, you can’t go wrong with a periodic inspection.

You will hate your machine breaking down in the middle of a project without prior notice. The best way of avoiding this is by setting periodic inspections and repairs.

Replacing worn or damaged parts

Once a part is damaged or worn out, replace it with another one.

A worn part does not only pose a threat to the machine but also to the safety of the workers. This can attract more cost than changing the elements themselves.

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and upkeep

You need to avoid manhandling the machine or improper care and servicing.

Fortunately, every machine has guidelines for upkeep and maintenance in its guides. Work hand in hand with the machine’s guide to getting the best of its maintenance and subsequent servicing.


Make no mistake of thinking less of a used rebar bending machine. With a good dealer, you can get these machines without any noticeable difference from a new one.

All you need to do is carefully follow the steps mentioned in this article to purchase the best-used rebar bending machine out there.