hydraulic truss screed
hydraulic truss screed
hydraulic truss screed
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TSH16 Self Propelled Hydraulic Truss Screed [3m-16m]

Machine ModelTSH16
Working width3m~16m
Effect of depth260mm
Forward mannerSelf Propelled Hydraulic

Product Descriptions

  • Machine Video

  • Our Company Overview

  • Hydraulic System & Device

1 hydraulic system & device
  • Power source is hydraulic, for vibrating and forwarding
  • Forwarding System

2 forwarding system
  • Forwarding system drived by hydraulic system as Self Propelled
  • Hook

3 hook
  • The red pulley hookup the hook
  • Winch

4 winch
  • Winch and rope
  • Hydraulic Motor

5 hydraulic motor
  • Hydraulic motor supply power for vibrating
  • Tray Base for Engine

7 tray base for engine
  • Tray base for different engine models
  • Cardan Shaft

8 cardan shaft
  • Cardan shaft
  • Hydraulic Pump

6 hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic pump supply power to winch
  • Fastening Bolt

9 fastening bolt
  • Fastening bolt
  • Arch Camber Bolt

10 arch camber bolt
  • Adjust for arch camber
  • The Package

package delivery
  • Angle iron frame with carton covers, avoiding solid wood problems
  • Strong for shipping,
  • Orders Delivery

  • package 2

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