manual rod bender
manual rod bender
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GW50-2 Manual Rod Bender [Bending Process Controlled By Hand Push Buttons]

Machine ModelGW50-2
Round bar4~50mm
Volatge220V,380V,415V etc…

Product Descriptions

  • Machine Video

  • Our Company Overview

  • Bending Controlled By Buttons

  • Push Green Button, it will bend forward
  • Push Red Button, it will bend reverse
  • Work Table

manual bending machine table
  • Refined steel material, longlife time
  • High stability
  • Frequently-Used Reinforcement

angle degree display
  • Some frequently-used reinforcement in construction
  • Buttons

Control area
  • ① and ② are Reverse & Forward buttons
  • ③ Power Light
  • ④ Scram button; EMERGENCY STOP
  • ⑤ Door lock handle
  • Interior

motor driving
  • Powerful electric motor with cooper coiled core, supply steady and lasting power
  • 4pcs V- belts transmission the power to gears
  • Gears

gears sets
  • High temperature quenching treatment, sturdy and durable
  • Heavy load for high torque force
  • Long service life, lower noise
  • Toolkits

  • Toolkits, fixed inside with the machine, hold bending accessories and foot switch
  • Bending Accessories

accessory for bending machine
  • The bending accessories satisfied any shapes requirements
  • Connection Points

power lines
  • The lines are power lines
  • Electrical Apparatus Element

electrical apparatus element
  • Brand CHNT
  • The Package

package delivery
  • Angle iron frame with carton covers, avoiding solid wood problems
  • Strong for shipping,
  • Orders Delivery