rebar spiral bending machine
rebar spiral bending machine
rebar spiral bending machine
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GWH40 Rebar Spiral Bending Machine [≤40mm]

Machine ModelGWH40
Round bar25~40mm
Circle radius≥2000mm

Product Descriptions

  • Machine Video

  • Our Company Overview

  • Workbench

1 workbench
  • Strong dies for bending spiral, hard-wearing
  • Scale

2 scale
  • It’s easy to remeber the spiral arc by the scale
  • Regulating Handle

3 regulating handle
  • It’s easy to adjust the arc by regulating handle
  • Frontage

4 frontage
  • Operator stand by this side
  • Inside The Machine

5 Inside the machine
  • ① Foot switch
  • ② Motor
  • ③ Electrical apparatus element
  • Buttons

6 buttons
  • Operate the machine by the buttons
  • The Package

package delivery
  • Angle iron frame with carton covers, avoiding solid wood problems
  • Strong for shipping,
  • Orders Delivery