CNC Steel Bar Bender
CNC Steel Bar Bender
CNC Steel Bar Bender
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GW40-3 CNC Steel Bar Bender

Machine ModelGW40-3
Round bar4~40mm
Volatge220V,380V,415V etc…

Product Descriptions

  • Machine Video

  • Our Company Overview

  • Work Table

1 Work Table
  • The “Oily Yellow” color is antirust paint, for prevent rust before using, the real color is “Silver Gray”
  • Lifting Ring

2 Lifting ring
  • Easy to lift to anywhere
  • Control Panel

3 Control panel
  • Control panel in the front side
  • Buttons

4 buttons
  • Positive and negative rotation button, workable in the manual mode
  • Power light
  • Emergency push button switch
  • CNC Panel and Switch

5 cnc panel and switch
  • CNC control panel
  • Manual & Auto mode switch
  •  CNC Control Panel

6 CNC control panel
  • Input degree number in the panel
  • Door Handle

7 door handle
  • Open the door by this handle
  • Emergency Push Button

8 emergency push button switch
  • Emergency push button switch in the back side
  • Angle Encoder

9 angle encoder
  • Angle encoder, angle degree controller
  • Toolkits

10 toolkits
  • Toolkit contains pins / pillars
  • Electrical Apparatus Element

11 electrical apparatus element
  • Famous brand Electrical Apparatus Element
  • Foot Switch and Power Line

12 foot switch and power line
  • Foot switch and power lines
  • The Package

package delivery
  • Angle iron frame with carton covers, avoiding solid wood problems
  • Strong for shipping,
  • Orders Delivery