Vibratory Rollers For Sale


Vibratory Rollers For Sale


What is a Vibratory Roller

By applying combined static and dynamic forces to increase the load-bearing capacity of the surface, a vibratory roller is one of the types of a compactor.
It has a drum to densify soil, asphalt, or other materials. The process of densification is carried by transferring vibrations to the surface. The wheel of the vibratory rollers can fully cover the area underneath them.
This type of roller is more efficient than the other types of roller for compaction purposes. A vibratory roller usually has a two-wheel installed on the rear end while a drum roller is installed on the front end

Vibratory Roller Mechanism

How does a road roller compactor work

How To Use

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Diesel air cooled

Diesel water cooled




Diesel CF

Diesel CR

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