shotcrete spraying machine 2
shotcrete spraying machine 2
shotcrete spraying machine 2
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HSP-7 Shotcrete Spraying Machine [Wet & Dry]

Max Delivery Distancehorizontal 200m / vertical 30m
Max Aggregate Size20mm
Inside Diameter of PipeØ51mm
Rotor Diameter480mm
Working Pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
Air Consumption15-20m³/min

Product Descriptions

  • Machine Video

  • Our Company Overview

  • Air Compressor Connection Unit

air compressor connection unit
  • Air compressor connect to this unit
  • Air Vibrator

air vibrator
  • Air vibrator, used for vibrating the sifter when adding material
  • Discharge Port

discharge port
  • The material will be discharged via this port
  • Feed Port And Sifter

feed port and sifter and
  • Add material by here
  • Accelerator Pump

accelerator pump
  • Accelerator pump
  • Accelerator Tank and Pump

accelerator tank and pump
  • ① Accelerator tank
  • ② Accelerator pump
  • ③ Electric motor
  • Concrete Accelerator Control Unit

concrete accelerator control unit
  • Concrete accelerator control unit,control the flow by control value
  • Power Connecting Box

power Connecting box
  • Connect power lines to here
  • Refueling Hole and Window

Refueling hole and window
  • ① Add 10 kgs machine oil before using the machine
  • ② Check oil level via the window
  • Rubber Tire

rubber tire
  • Move to anywhere by rubber tires
  • Towing Holder

towing holder
  • Portable handle for moving to anywhere
  • Voltmeter and Buttons

voltmeter and buttons
  • ① Voltmeter
  • ② Indicator light
  • ③ Button
  • ④ Door lock
  • The Package

package delivery
  • Angle iron frame with carton covers, avoiding solid wood problems
  • Strong for shipping,
  • Orders Delivery