Plate Tampers For Sale


Plate Tampers For Sale


What does a plate tamper do

A plate tamper or compactor is an equipment designed for handling rough or uneven gravel and dirt surfaces.
When constructing your foundation or paving your driveway, you’ll need a tamper to prepare the soil beneath. These machines come in different sizes, models, and designs.
Some are simple hand-held equipment, while others can be largely automated industrial machines.
Plate tampers function by vibrating the flat metallic plate on the ground, compressing and smoothening the surface. They will work well with granular soil such as gravel or sand. Some compactors design can be able to handle considerable sizes of rocks effectively

Plate Tamper Mechanism

How To Use

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Parts available:

water tank
rubber pad
wheel kit
throttle cable
And so on..

4 Types:









Briggs & Stratton

And so on…

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