How To Use Road Saw [Safety Tips, Blades, Health Protection, Machine Maintenance]

road saw cutting machine

In addition to being referred to as a road saw (or concrete saw, cut-off saw, slab saw, or quick cut), a road saw is also known as a consaw.

There are many types of saws, from small hand-helds to big outdoor walk-behinds, and they may be powered by gasoline, hydraulics, pneumatics, or electricity. Concrete, asphalt, stone, and other materials can be cut using diamond saw blades on concrete saws. In addition to cutting stone and steel, abrasive wheels can also be used with cut-off saws.

To prolong the blade’s life and reduce dust while cutting hard substances such as concrete, it is usually necessary to cool the blades.

use road saw cutting
  • Do not saw too deeply. As far as the current job requirements are concerned, it is best to only saw as deeply as is necessary.
  • As a general rule, do not cut deeper than half the depth of the slab of concrete before being cut.
  • You will save money by not sawing or cutting too deeply into the concrete.
  • Keep the saw blade aligned with the pointer whenever you saw in a straight line.
  • Simple water hoses, such as those found in gardens, can be immensely useful. Connect both the hose and the saw to a steady water supply.
  • Make sure the water safety valve is set to ON by turning the lever.
  • Raising the blade off the ground is necessary. Let the engine warm-up at half-throttle before boosting the power.
  • If necessary, open the water valve. Ensure that there is enough water flowing through the saw before starting the first cut.
  • The blade will naturally cut its way down as you bring it down slowly. After you reach the depth you desire, do not let the blade slip out of the cut.
  • The saw blade can be pulled out of the cut and lowered back in if it becomes stuck. Be very careful while doing so. Before reinserting the blade, make sure it is aligned with the cut.
  • When cutting concrete with your tool, make sure nothing distracts you, as this can lead to an accident. For example, be careful when using a concrete saw, as you can cause a fatal accident if you start talking to someone or answer the phone. Therefore, avoid distractions or you may end up hurting yourself.

Diamond Blade To Choose

Diamond blade to choose

Just as important as selecting the right road saw is choosing the right cutting blade. The choice of the blade depends on

  • Price
  • Size and quality of the saw
  • Material to be cut
  • speed
  • wet or dry cutting

Diamond saw blades allow you to have extremely high wear resistance, smooth cutting, production of less heat, and the least noise.

Health Protection

Health protection

 Avoid dust

The road saw operators are strongly advised to stay away from the dust that is produced on-site while cutting concrete because that can be very harmful to their health. When cutting concrete, dust is produced that can harm the lungs, so it’s important to stay away from it. Workers should either use pneumatic devices or wet cutting techniques to control dust while completing concrete cutting services.

Electric tools should not be used near water

It’s your responsibility to prevent accidents when using an electric tool near water. If you use an electric tool, you should keep it away from water to prevent short circuits.

Put on safety gear before you begin your work

Having safety gear on before working on site is very important for all construction workers. The rule states that safety gear must be worn whether you are going to use a concrete saw or a core drilling machine. Further, even workers who are not dealing with concrete saws or core drilling machines, but still need to work on the construction site, should take necessary safety precautions to avoid getting injured.

Wearing gloves, strong shoes (such as steel-toed footwear), earplugs, and goggles are among the most important safety gears workers should use when cutting concrete. Protecting themselves with proper clothing is also imperative. On the job site, fatal accidents sometimes occur when workers’ clothes come into contact with machines.

Machine Maintenance

maintenance machine

Your concrete saw will perform better, last longer, and be safer when you follow the maintenance schedule.

Be sure to keep it clean. After working, rinse the machine with cool water to keep it clean.

Inspections every day. Tighten nuts and screws. Verify the cutting blade fits correctly and is not damaged. Additionally, see if the blade guard is damaged. Also, make sure that the engine stop switch and the throttle trigger lock are operating properly.

Inspections every week. Following one or two tanks of fuel, the tension of a new drive belt should be readjusted on a weekly basis. Make sure that both the muffler and vibration dampening system is visually inspected for cracks. Secure both properly. It could be the carburetor that is causing the engine to lack power or accelerate poorly. Try replacing the air filter first. The carburetor can be cleaned at your servicing dealer if that doesn’t help. The starter cord should be kept in sight. If it’s showing signs of wear, it’s time to replace it

Inspections every month. Check the spark plug if your saw has difficulty starting, runs poorly at idle, or lacks power. To prevent electric shock, ensure that the spark plug cap and ignition lead are not damaged. In addition, if the spark plug is dirty, you should clean it at least monthly.

Examine the fuel hose, the fuel cap, and the fuel seal. If any of them are damaged, they need to be replaced. If the fuel filter becomes clogged, or otherwise once per year, it needs to be replaced. The fuel filter sits inside the fuel tank. You should also check your air filter monthly, especially if your power is out.


To conclude, personal safety is of utmost importance when operating the road saw. It can easily chop off your fingers. You should also care for dust protection as it is produced in abundance and can lead to fatal health issues. Diamond blades are the best go-to choice for a road saw.