4 Kinds Methods to Clean Concrete Pavement: Improve Your Work

Walking to a clean and smooth concrete pavement is everyone’s fantasy, usually most of the time they are dirty and looking dull throughout the time.

clean concrete pavement

Concrete pavements have become an attraction for oil smudges, mud and deep layers of soil.

It does not matter how great a pavement might be placed, and no matter how much was paid on high-quality supplies.

All concrete pavements from top of the line to the cheaper ones, require some essential maintenance to retain them looking their best shape and appearance.

No matter how careful you are, spills and stains will be bound to happen and ruin the entire look of your concrete pavement.

Lack of maintenance allows the pavement to worsen. Fortunately, there are several steps to eliminate spots and retain your entire concrete pavement or driveway looking great and new.

Although a pressure washer gives a quick and safe method, to get shed of the worst of the stains and dirt stuck on the pavement.

Cleaning the pavement takes a lot of time and effort, though it only requires to be performed once or twice annually.

Here are a few steps on cleaning the concrete pavement.

At the initial stage to clean your concrete pavement, you will need some essential tools and equipment.

  • A bucket of water
  • A hard-bristled scrub, try to get bigger for a better clean
  • Warm water
clean pavement

If you are already cleaning your concrete pavement with a soap dissolved in the water, then you will need a laundry detergent or powdered water as well.

The initial step is, the easiest method to clean your concrete that involves mild scrubbing with soap, or your chosen detergent and a bucket of warm water.

Through the stage of cleaning and scrubbing, you will not need some special kind of products to wipe out the dirt from your slabs.

Usually, gentle and mild laundry detergent or soap wash works considerably fine.

However, you can mix it up with other products which are available at your home, to give it more foam to make it a smoother experience while whipping out all the dirt, stains and soil marks.

There are certain key things to remember while scrubbing out your entire pavement.

You have to check your cleaning products contents, as there are specific elements that can ruin concrete materials.

If you have cleaning products that include acid or corrosive, it can be a poor decision, despite their ingredients, a laundry detergent that carries limestone or tiny marble needs to be by passed.

Does White Vinegar Work?

Have you ever wondered about cleaning your concrete pavement with kitchen items?

White Vinegar

Then you might be right; there are certain items you can implement to clean the stains off.

Cleaning concrete pavement with white vinegar has to be a good alternative, if you are looking for a natural and simple cleanser.

If you are planning to clean your pavement and sidewalk with bleach, then you should be worried about your garden and plants, white vinegar is the solution for you.

Vinegar plays as a natural cleanser over here for your pavements it even works perfectly on patios as well.

The simple way to use it, mix it equally with water to clean dirt, stains and marks of the soil or mud.

However, if the stains are tough to leave, then you can use full vinegar strength, by not mixing it with water at all, and simply applying it too heavy stained areas of your pavements.

How Do You Clean without a Pressure Washer?

Most of the pavements are made from concrete, that absorbs more oils and dirt with sand in the thick layer of grime and sticky grease.

You have to choose the right nozzle, to use the pressure washer and set it to standard pressure.

However, you can hire an experienced pressure washer guy, to clean out your pavement which will be quite expensive.

Although there are many ways to clean your entire patio and concrete pavement without a pressure washer.

Spoiled concrete can be improved, and be renewed, and slabs can be replaced, it is expensive, and it will also reconstruct the appearances of your entire driveway pavement.

Soil and loose rubble on the pavement can be eliminated with a brush or a garden broomstick.

Sweeping daily can on your pavement, walkways or driveways will make your entire concrete to remain clean and look good as new.

If you stick to this schedule, you will end up noticing that you will not need water to clean it.

Sometimes where there are spots, dirt and fungal germination, you might choose to use commercial detergents.

Still, there is a problem of severe ingredients that may change your pavement appearances.

Baking soda

Baking soda, on the other hand, can be used to wipe the dirt out, you just have to mix 1/2 cup of baking soda to almost a gallon water and mix it up.

Fill a bottle with a spray cap, and gently spray the mixture to the dirt area of the pavement, and let it get dry for 30 to 45 minutes then simply scrub and rinse the area of the concrete.

Can You Use Bleach?

Bleach is always the last option when dealing with tough stains and sticky dirty on the concrete pavement


There are certain safety measures you have to keep, like using bleach away from your children and pets. You have to use gloves and a mask to prevent inhaling.

You can mix water and bleach equally and create a mixture of spray to apply it on the stains.

Let the solution of the spray sit at least for 10 to 15 minutes, and you have to avoid over-spraying on it as it will overflow over the grass or the sidewalks.

Then use a scrub or a brush with hard bristles over the stains again and again until it completely wipes out.

Bleach is quite beneficial to get rid of sticky grease, oil and stains that ruin the entire look of the pavement.

The mixture is capable of destroying planets and weeds, so you spray from a decent amount of distance.


Once your concrete pavement is cleaned and looking great, you have to protect it by future dirt and stains.

You can apply a concrete sealer, that can be purchased from anywhere and use a paint roller to apply it over to give it a nice coat of a seal.

Once it’s dry, you will end up having a nice shiny concrete pavement that will be ready for a walk or straight drive in your car.

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