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What is earth rammer
An earth rammer also termed as tamper is a hand tool used for compressing or compacting soil.
Soil is compacted or compressed to make it hard and of uniform level. Compaction is required to achieve an ideal groundwork for the construction projects that need a hard and flat surface. During compaction process, soil density is increased, and air is removed. This is usually done by mechanical means.
An earth rammer is one of that mechanical means, which creates a compacted surface of soil by pressing it repeatedly under its weight. Earth rammers are usually composed of two part: a handle and a head. The head of rammer should be heavy enough to compress the soil under its weight.
However, it should be light enough, so that the workers can lift it comfortably, if it is not powered by a machine.
Cast iron is usually used to made head. Heads have usually smooth surfaces. Different materials like wood and steel can be used to make handles.

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