Floor Grinding Machine: How it Work With 5 Types Floor

Floor grinding machines are specially designed hand-controlled machines/tools for repairing damaged surfaces and leveling uneven joints in concrete floors.


They are also used to polish and smoothen the texture of a concrete surface. They have a rotation disc attached at their bottom which functions as the grinder.

The disc attached to the concrete grinder at it its bottom has an abrasive material attached to it. This abrasive material attached to the bottom of the plate is responsible for grinding concrete. Sometimes diamonds are also attached to the bottom of the disc.

The blades could have different types of cutting capacities, which can be closed depending on the nature of the project.

The plate disc is powered by an electric or gas power motor attached to the top of the machine. The machine is geared forward or backward by the worker using it.

The quality of finish is judged by the worker himself or herself. There is no sensor installed on the machine, which indicates the quality of the finish.

As the machine grinds the concrete dust is produced. Sometimes, the machine supports the functionality of vacuuming up the dust while in other cases, water is used to make a slurry of dust which is then disposed of.

The first method is called dry concrete grinding while the second is called wet grinding.

Type of Floors It Can Be Used

For the majority of floor grinding projects, the worker begins with the blade with the highest depth of sharpness and then slowly finds there a way to less sharp blades.

If working on the concrete or the stone floor, when the floor is perfectly smooth and level, the polishing process can begin. In this section, we will discuss the types of floors where a floor grinding machine can be used.

floor grinding machine usage

Concrete floor

Floor grinding machine is most commonly used on concrete floors. This is mainly due to the popularity of concrete flooring.

concrete floor

Concrete is inexpensive, extremely durable, and is long-lasting. Therefore, it has low maintenance costs with only a small amount of repairs and polishing needed every year.

Concrete can crack, become uneven as the building settles, and experience chips and stains from spills and accidental drops. So when a concrete floor starts to look worse for wear, it’s time to put a floor grinder to work.

Grinding floor of concrete is a great option as it can enhance the look. Following are the few advantages of grinding concrete floors:

  • Remove stains and spills
  • Help create a level and a smooth surface
  • Grind off the glue, mastic, or epoxy
  • Polish and clean the floor
  • Prepare the concrete for further treatment

Floor grinding is the ideal first step in the process of refinishing a concrete floor. After that, the concrete can either remain as it is or treated further. It all depends on your client’s desires.

With the right combination of finishing techniques, floor grinding is the first step in converting a boring and sad-looking concrete floor into a surface that looks like wood or marble.

Hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for homeowners. It is even of the most luxurious options. The variety of wood colors, patterns, and styles make it an attractive option. While being stylish, they are also durable.

wooden floor

Hardwood floors require low maintenance, too, with the occasional dust and damp mop enough to keep them clean. They can even sustain a lot of wear and tear and still look great.

But that is not always invulnerable. As any homeowner who has had hardwood can tell you, eventually you will need to refinish your wood floors.

With the right accessories for the floor grinding machine, you can change your concrete floor grinder into one that is perfect for polishing the surface of a hardwood floor.

The process is primarily the same, as it involves removing the top layer of finish off of the floor to reveal bare wood underneath. Then you can treat the bare, clean wood with a new wood stain and coat of sealant.

Floor grinding machines are great for refinishing exterior wood surfaces, too, such as wooden decking. You can restore a wood deck much faster with a grinder. Their larger surface area helps efficiently remove the top layer of the wood so it’s ready for a fresh stain and an outdoor sealant.

Following are the few advantages of using floor grinders on wood floors:

  • Change the color and tone of the stain on the floors
  • Remove dents, scratches, and dings on the surface of the wood
  • Remove old varnish due to wear and tear and bring back the shine to the wood

Marble | Stone | Terrazzo Floor

Stone flooring, such as marble and granite, is a popular flooring choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Though there is also an expensive option like the hardwood floor, they have high strength and more impact resistance.

terrazzo floor

They are one of the best options for flooring the offices, where there is a chance of impact from a heavy object. When professionally maintained, stone flooring provides a hard-wearing surface that’s easy to care for and extremely fire resistant.

Fire resistance is also one of the three added benefits over the traditional wooden floors.

Like all flooring types, though, stone floors will eventually need some maintenance. Stone floors can lose their shine as the finish wears off and high traffic areas experience years of use.

They can also be a victim of accidental drops, leaving dents and damage on the surface. Moreover, they often develop scratches due to the furniture being slide over their surface.

They are also chemical sensitive and the use of different floor cleaning chemicals can destroy their shine.

Grinding these flooring can restore their appearance. Following are the few applications of the grinding machine concerning marble/stone floors.

  • Leveling the surface of the floor
  • Preparing it for treatment
  • Polishing the stone to a high gloss

This is beneficial for both newly laid stone floors as well as those that have been down a long time and need refreshing.

It is also much cheaper to refinish the surface of the stone with a floor grinding machine than replacing it with new stone flooring, too, meaning an investment in a floor grinder could end up paying for itself.


To conclude, this article shed light on the functioning and working process of the floor grinders, which are one of the most popular finishing tools.

The mechanism of floor grinding is explained. Lastly, the use of floor grinding machines on each certain type of floor is discussed separately with highlighting the benefits of its use.

It can be used to polish and smoothen the concrete floors. For Hardwood floors, it can bring back the shininess. Additionally, it can also be used to apply various types of epoxies to the floor. For marble and stone flooring, the floor grinder can bring back their shine, remove the stains and scratches developed on them due to over time wear and tear.