10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Backfill Sand

Backfill Sand

In order to sustain and strengthen a structure, backfilling is the act of reusing or refilling the soil that is removed during the excavation of foundations, ground-bearing slabs, or other groundwork.

It serves as an underpinning for slabs, roads, walkways, and other foundational components and safeguards foundations.

Depending on the structural requirements, backfill may be composed of the same soil that was removed during excavation or it may be a combination of imported soil, boulders, and stones. Sand is typically used for backfilling.

What is backfill sand

Backfill is the material that is used to fill a hole or trench in your yard. This material can be excavated soil, a sand and gravel combination, or commercial items. Backfilling is often accomplished in layers. Different materials have various qualities.

Can You Use Sand As a Backfill

Can you use sand as a backfill

Yes, you can. Sand is an important component of a well-backfilled hole or trench because it drains efficiently and compacts well, especially when moist. Backfilling criteria vary according to county codes, but will often contain a layer of aggregate rock used as bedding around pipelines and subterranean infrastructure.

A layer of felt is placed above the rock bedding to keep sand from washing into the rock bed, sand, and topsoil. Sinking after backfill is prevented by properly stacking these materials.