What Is Rebar Cutter And How To Use It [7 Usual Tools]


Despite having sufficient knowledge of material mechanics and strength of materials, you are well aware of the importance of rebar, which is one of the most important and basic building materials.

Reinforcement refers mainly to strengthen the tensile strength of various sections using rebar. Concrete is reinforced with a rebar, increasing its tensile strength. Using rebar correctly is crucial.

A reinforcing bar (also known as reinforcing steel or reinforcement steel) is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used in reinforced concrete or reinforced masonry structures as a tension device to help strengthen the concrete.

Despite its strength under compression, concrete has weak tensile strength. Reinforcing the structure with a rebar significantly increases its tensile strength. Concrete behavior is compensated for by casting rebar into it to carry tensile loads.

The main use of steel reinforcement is as primary and secondary reinforcement, but there are other uses as well. In order to promote a better bond with the concrete and reduce slippage, rebar is often “deformed” with ribs, lugs, or indentations.

Rebar cutters are undoubtedly the most important and basic tool in rebar preparation. Observing the look of the rebar, you will see that it is often necessary to use these materials for cutting and bending. Its length and size must be accurate in many ways since it is a reinforcing structure.

In the manual model, the muscle strength of the operator (worker) is required to make the cut

Manual rebar cutter (rebar scissor)

rebar scissor

The limitations of the human body outweigh the limitations of scissor bending and cutting rebar, so the tool is limited in its ability to cut. Despite the fact that in the past this problem was partially solved by using multi-worker forces, today, along with the serious development of construction and the demands of the construction industry, we are seeing an increase in rebar diameters.

As a result, it is not as easy to cut and cut rebar with a manual model as it was in the past. There is also a difference between bending scissors and cutting scissors.

Manual hydraulic rebar cutter

Manual hydraulic rebar cutter

Manual hydraulic rebar cutter just look like the bar sicsor however the main difference is the presence of pressurized cylinder on one of its arms. As the user brings closer the two arms, the piston in the cylinder is displaced. Oil is used for power transmission in hydraulic rebar cutters.

Through this process, the output power of the cylinder is used to compress and contract the oily fluid in order to provide the force necessary to move the clamps. This results in greater force being produced and transferred to the clamps of the cutter. It can cut 4 to 20 mm dia bars.

The output force produced by it is around 6 tons which is oboviously not possible in the case of manual rebar cutter. It has a dual speed unit that quickly pushes knife die to cut workpiece.

Electric hydraulic rebar cutter

Electric hydraulic rebar cutter

Contractors use electric hydraulic rebar cutters to cut steel rod, reinforced rebar, round steel bar, and deformed bar as the cutting needs to be precise. Hydraulic rebar cutters are powered by a single phase electric motor and pump with a voltage range of 220-240V. This portable combination tool provides job site cutting and bending of rebar all-in-one tool.

The unique design provides the operator the ability to cut and bend rebar for in-place, or stationary fabrication. It can be positioned in two different angles depending on the application. It can bend up to #5 (sixteen millimeter) grade 60 rebar.

2 in 1 manual rebar cutter& bender

2 in 1 manual rebar cutter& bender

The two-in-one rebar cutter/bender is designed to cut and bend concrete reinforcement rods. This tool can cut 5/8″ 5 rebars (16mm) grade 60. You can easily bolt it to the floor or workpiece allowing you to operate it with just one hand.

2 in 1 hydraulic portable rebar cutter& bender

2 in 1 hydraulic portable rebar cutter& bender

This is a portable version of a manual rebar cutter and bender. It cuts bars and bends them at 90 degrees. The hydraulic motor is powered by an oil-filled pump attached to a hydraulic pump

2 in 1 hydraulic rebar cutter & bender machine

2 in 1 hydraulic rebar cutter & bender machine

With this rebar bender and cutter, you can bend 1/4″ to 1″ steel bars to 0°180° in 6-7 seconds. Cut-off speed: 5-6 seconds. This rebar bender cutter is suitable for rebar, steel bar, steel rod, screw thread steel, carbon steel, round steel bending.

It is ideal for manufacturers who need simple, easy-to-use, consistent, and accurate steel bending machines.

Rebar cutter machine

rebar cutter machine

The machine is highly efficient at cutting rebar. The machine weighs between 450 and 600 kilograms and has wheels, making it portable.

Rebar is cut cleanly and quickly by professionals using this machine on the site. Unlike other machines, it does not operate on the principle of cutting through a saw.

The machines come in many variations and each one is capable of cutting rebar to a different degree. The machine has a clutch that allows the user to control the cutting process. To ensure safe cutting, support brackets are installed on the machine.

With its lifting ring, the machine can be carried anywhere you like.

How To Use Them

Manual rebar cutter (rebar scissor)

  • They work like any other ordinary scissor.
  • The first step is to grease the main nuts of the cutter so that it can be moved b hand smoothly.
  • Then you clamp the bar to cut and push two arms of scissors together.
  • The stronger is the rebar, the more is the force you need.