4 Kinds Rebar Bending Machine: How To Use Them

rebar bending

Rebar bending is required on almost every construction project making it a hectic task due to its nature of repetition and complexity. To tackle this, contractors usually employ rebar bending machines, which makes the task a lot simpler and faster.

In this article we have discussed four types of rebar bending machines which are either fully automatic or semi-automatic, feature a CNC control panel for automation and can be used either for stirrups or both stirrups and rebars.

With this type of bending machine, steel bars can be bent into various angles and radiuses that are used in construction. For example, triangle, quadrangle, pentagram, ring, or any number of other polygons.

In one day you can save 300 dollars, and in one month you can save enough to buy one machine. The fastest speed is 3.7 seconds per piece. It can process up to 2500 stirrups (double wire) in one hour, this is extremely fast.

It is made of four main components:

  • CNC control panel
  • Driver
  • Straightening roller
  • bending axis


  1. The process starts at the CNC control panel. The user inputs the data of bars to be bent. It specifies the angle and all other relevant detail. The control panel can also store graphics of some most commonly used shapes
  2. Next up is the feeder unit, where rebars are fed. The rebars are then pulled by the driver unit.
  3. Next is the set of straightening rollers, which straighten the bars and remove any torsional angles. They also align the bars to be fed into the bending axis.
  4. The last stage is the bending axis. It consists of a disc and a small metal drum forcing the stirrup to rotate around the axis. The drum bends the stirrup into the desired axis. There is a cutter in that unit that cuts down the stirrup into the desired length.
  5. The machine can be powered either by electricity or a gasoline engine. The machine is controlled by a hydraulic system.

Key features

  1. The special structure makes straightening ribbed bars easy and doesn’t cause injury when straightening ribbed bars.
  2. In addition to straightening steel bars, the curve straightening mechanism prevents axial torsion of reinforcing bars.
  3. Each steel bar can be individually straightened using the vertical straightening mechanism to ensure that the steel bar has been straightened to the highest standard.
  4. The rollers are made of high-quality alloy steel, which is hard and resistant to wear. Close to the corner of the steel molding machine to ensure proper bending of the steel bar.

Semi-Auto Rebar Bending Machine

It is an efficient set of tools for rebar bending and making stirrups if they are already cut. The machines come in the form of a single unit and can easily be moved.


  1. The first step is to cut the rebars into the desired length. This step is usually not done by the machine.
  2. Next is fixing the angle of bar bending on the machine using its rotating disc. This process is manual and you have carefully picked the angle. The angle is picked by inserting a filling the correct angle slot on the rotating disc with a metal drum.
  3. One angle is fixed. Turn on the machine using the manual user panel attached on one side.
  4. Push the pedal button by foot to start rotating the disc. As the disc rotates, it will start to bend the rebar placed inside it.

Key features

  1. This stirrup machine has three different angles that can be adjusted electronically
  2. Due to the stirrup mode developed for stirrup bending, the process can be repeated automatically without readjusting the angles
  3. Manually or automatically control left and right turns.
  4. Switch and pins adjust bending angle

CNC Semi-Auto Rebar Bending Machine

This is an effective set of tools for bending rebars and making stirrups if they are already cut. It comes in a single unit that can be easily moved. It has a CNC panel installed on its side which makes its operation easier than the semi-automatic rebar bending machine.


  1. The first step is again to cut the bars to the desired length.
  2. Next is to select the desired shape of stirrup or rebar bending on the CNC panel. Custom shapes can also be inputted.
  3. Turn on the machine using the CNC panel attached to one side.
  4. As the disc rotates, it will start to bend the rebar placed inside it. After each unit is made it will stop and wait for the next unit to be inserted.

Key features

  1. The angle of bending and number of bends are controlled by CNC
  2. It has programs and multiple bend angles for each part
  3. It is ideal for stirrup bending and double blocks for fast bending
  4. by turning left and right with this steel bar bender either manually or automatically
  5. Optional bending apparatus can be installed on the machine to perform different types of bending (like stirrup bending, spiral bending).
  6. Ideal for rebar fabrication plants and indoor applications.

CNC Semi-Auto Stirrups Rebar Bending Machine

As the name indicated, this machine does not support all the capabilities of the CNC automatic bar bending machine. It cannot cut the rebars and is mainly suitable for bars with a small diameter.


It works more or less similar to CNC semi-auto rebar bending machine. The only difference is the bending heads installed on the rotation disc. They look like the plates on which group of bars can be inserted and bent into the specified angles upon disc rotation.

Key features

Its key features more or less resemble the CNC semi-auto rebar bending machine. The only difference is the number of stirrups that can be bent simultaneously.


To sum it up, there are multiple types of bar bending machines available, and your choice for the one depends mainly on the nature of the project. For large infrastructure projects, a CNC automatic stirrup rebar bending machine should be the choice as it will save you a lot of labor hours and make your life a lot easier.